Our Vision

To teach, train, and equip those who have an ear to hear the Word of God. We must study to show ourselves approved unto God::


  1. To bring about a perfect unity among God's people

  2. To bring about the knowledge of the Son of God

  3. To grow people to maturity

  4. To ensure that God's people are no longer infants and immature

  5. To ensure that God's people grow up in all things

  6. To disciple God's people to do their part in building up the Church


Our Mission

To use every means available to us by God to prepare, ready, encourage, license, ordain, and release His ministers into a life of Kingdom work and service.


Our Purpose

Zoe Life is a teaching and training ministry created to teach, train, and provide truth and encouragement from the Bible to bring lost souls to Christ and to equip the saints to fight the good fight of faith and live the abundant life.


Our Motto

"Sound Doctrine - Strong Leaders"


Our Core Value

A Ministry of Excellence